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Current Publications

Rehabilitating the Serpent by Jack Harte

Religion inspires love and hatred in equal measure. Intrigued by these paradoxes, Jack Harte analyses religions back to their origins in story, through the medium of narrative itself, and challenges the notions of good and evil on which they are based. He confronts the ultimate Boogey Man, the Devil, the Serpent. more

Jonathan Wade by Henry J Sharpe

When Jonathan Wade died tragically in a road accident in 1973 he was only 31 years old, but had already established himself as the most exciting and most promising artist of his generation. Henry J Sharpe wrote a monograph on Wade which was published by Profile Press in 1977. Scotus Press is delighted to make Sharpe's monograph freely available again on the Internet. here

Language of the Mute by Jack Harte

This play was given its premiere at the New Theatre, Dublin, from 24 August to 5 September, 2015:

A charismatic teacher, a supporter of fundamentalist republicanism and Irish Language activist – whose overt and very public idealism masks a history of sexual and psychological exploitation – is confronted by his former pupils. The play examines how charisma and idealism can be used to exploit people, sexually, politically and socially. The core of the problem and the core of the solution is language and communication. But the play shows how ultimately love can triumph over cynicism, how idealism can endure. more

A lesson in Can't by Celia de Fréine

Celia de Fréine is a poet and playwright who writes in Irish and English. Her poetry has won many awards including the Patrick Kavanagh Award(1994) and Gradam Litríochta Chló Iar-Chonnachta (2004). A lesson in Can't is her eighth collection. more

Blood Debts by Celia de Fréine

Blood Debts is a translation from the Irish of Fiacha Fola. This sequence of poems articulates the experience of one of the women affected by the Hepatitis C scandal. more

New Tarot by Henry J Sharpe

New Tarot by Henry J Sharpe is a graphic re-interpretation of the Major Arcana in a modern idiom. Being a book of graphics, it transcends language. more

Arcana by Jack Harte

In the style of the heroic sagas, but with anti-heroic intent, it challenges inherited concepts of heroism and religion. With a light and lively touch it demonstrates how a religion or philosophy is hijacked by power-mongers. more

Arcana (Spanish edition) by Jack Harte

Linares International Literature Festival featured 'Arcana' and invited Harte to present it at the Festival in November 2013. They commissioned a print edition of the book in Spanish especially for the Festival. more

Dream Home by Padraig McGrane

This postumous collection of poetry by the Co Monaghan poet Padraig McGrane was published in May 2014 in Kingscourt. McGrane had settled in Spain and died in Santiago de Compostella in 2008 at the untimely age of 49. more

Vögel und andere Geschichten - by Jack Harte

This is a translation into German by Heidi Zojer of Jack Harte's Birds and Other Tails. more

Unravelling the Spiral - The Life and Work of Fred Conlon (1943-2005) by Jack Harte

Jack Harte's latest book is a memoir/biography of the sculptor, Fred Conlon. more

Treasures of the Unconscious - A Collection of Poems by Niall McGrath

McGrath's second collection makes the everyday ‘strange’ through intensity of perception. more

Reflections in a Tar Barrel by Jack Harte

Jack Harte's latest novel tells the story of Lofty, a supposed half-wit from the West of Ireland, who embarks on a campaign to thwart the designs of the Creator who has dealt him such a poor hand. Combining the role of hawker in religious goods and keeper of a mobile brothel, his untutored mind arrives at his own mystical insights. more

Diacatholicon by Michael Phillips with graphics by Henry Sharpe

A collection of stories by a writer with a unique vision - illustrated by an artist similarly unique in vision and execution. This volume resurrects the stories that made such a shocking impact in 1970s Dublin, as well as some previously unpublished pieces. more

Black PR and other acts by Toma Markov

Toma Markov is one of Bulgaria’s leading poets, and one of the most colourful characters writing in Eastern Europe today. He has won, amongst many prizes, the Bulgarian National Prize for Poetry in 2000. This collection is translated into English by Theodora Nikolaeva. more

SERAGLIO 55 by Georgy Pryakhin

'Seraglio 55' is a sequence of sketches based on Georgy Pryakhin's experiences traveling around the world and through life. Pryakhin is one of Russia's most important writers and has been a major personality in political life since the Soviet period. more

In the wake of the Bagger by Jack Harte

This first novel by the master storyteller, which has been acclaimed as 'one of the great books about Ireland', is at once a social document and a meditation on change. It is the enthralling story of the Dowd family who are uprooted from their home in Killeenduff, Co Sligo, to re-settle as economic migrants in the Midlands. more

The Big Pampering by Vergil Nemchev

A collection of stories from a young award-winning Bulgarian writer. more

Lighthouse by Colm McHugh

Lighthouse is a first collection of poems from a new voice on the Irish literary scene. It is a voice of quiet intelligence, orchestrating the rhythms of everyday life into a poetry that continues to resonate in the mind. more

Scarecrows at Newtownards by Celia de Fréine

First volume of poetry in English by the Patrick Kavanagh Award winner who has published two acclaimed volumes in the Irish language. more

Lament for the Birds (CD) by Jack Harte

This CD of stories and songs, thematically structured and integrated, features the author reading some of his stories set in his native Sligo, and Sligo singer/musician, Carmel Gunning, singing his lyrics and playing the traditional airs to which the songs were set. more

From under Gogol's Nose by Jack Harte

This selection of stories demonstrates Harte's extraordinary versatility as he sets out to explore the possibilities of the short-story form. more